Memberships and Community Engagement

Being a part of the local community is an important aspect of doing business.

Below are the organizations for which we are proud to be members.

Venn - Empowering Innovation / Activer l'innovation
CENB - Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick
New Brunswick Information Technology Council

It also means giving to others!

Paying IT Forward

We take pride in giving to charitable organizations and individuals in our community. At Cognitive X Solutions we've set aside 1/2 day each month for our employees to spend volunteering for a charitable organization of their choosing.

Stop A Bully

In 2012 we reached out to Stop A Bully. STOP A BULLY is a national non-profit organization and Canada-wide anti-bullying program developed in 2009 by a B.C. teacher which allows any student who is a victim or witness of bullying and cyberbullying to be able to safely report the details to school officials.

The team at Cognitive X Solutions was happy to support them by rewriting a portion of their web application. We continue to support STOP A BULLY when the need arises.

Moncton Developer User Group

We love software and all aspects surrounding Information Technology. As a company it is important for us to learn new technologies and concepts. For us there is no better way to learn than to share and discuss with our peers, who are also passionate about technology.

The group’s vision is to provide members with a forum to hear high quality experts present, learn and teach others who are interested in the same technologies as you and are facing the same challenges.